A Lazy Shropshire Sunday

We popped to Wellington today, because we needed a bit of shopping, and we thought the little one might enjoy the Italian scooter rally being held there. Unfortunately, although the scooter day was promoted as going on until 3.30pm, by the time we arrived most of them had already left. Just before 1pm, but I think they had been there since 9.30am so it’s kind of fair enough. We managed to spot a few in Wellington market square, and a few more riding out as we walked into town, so not a complete loss.

What choice have you, then, but to grab a spot of Sunday dinner? We were also too late for the few market food stalls that had opened for the event, so we decided to take potluck. The whole point of The Shropshire GOAT is to discover the best out there, whatever the price point. We were lured into the White Lion because of their incredibly inexpensive sounding menu, promoted outside. Plus it’s a splendid little Grade II listed building, so what’s not to like?

The White Lion

I assumed that they just hadn’t changed the signage for a couple of years. But as we entered the beam-lined building, a Sunday carvery was brought out for one punter. And it was huge. We decided to give it a go. It did not disappoint. It might be termed ‘humble’ fare by some. But at £4.50 what do you expect? A generous portion, lots of veggies and a choice of 2 types of meat from chicken, beef, pork or gammon. I have no idea how they can do it at that price.

I added a pint of Ansell’s keg mild to my order because there were (disappointingly) no cask beers on today. and to my surprise that was only £2! An utter bargain if you ask me. The meal really hit the spot. No frills, just good honest food. Fantastic value and a nice friendly pub to boot.

The Boot

And speaking of boots, even though I was still pretty full, after we’d got the shopping in we headed to The Boot. I’d been seeing their complimentary cheese Sundays on social media for a while and had made a mental note. Since we were in the area, it would have been rude not to pop in.

A pint of DEYA‘s 6.5% IPA Meet Me in the City plus Wiper and True‘s 4.2% pale Joyful Days cost us almost as much as our entire lunch bill. But again, totally worth it because they are excellent beers. Beautifully kept too as I am now coming to expect from this charming micropub.

Complimentary cheese Sunday at The Boot Wellington

Plus the promised platter of cheese was there, not to mention some fruit, scotch eggs and sausage rolls. We were able to keep the little one well-fueled with grapes, figs and cheese while we enjoyed our beers. Then we walked some of those calories off on the way home.

A gentle Sunday afternoon in town. But thoroughly enjoyable. What will we discover next?

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