Wellington Cycle Delivery Scheme

I got my first order delivered by Wellington Cycle Delivery Scheme today and very exciting it was too. I’d heard about some lovely Joseph & Joseph knives at Anthony’s of Wellington. But I didn’t have the time to pop in on my own bike to get them. The butchers suggested I make use of the free cycle delivery scheme instead to get them home.

And this is definitely the GOAT! It seemed a shame just to send them out for a knife set, so I ordered some stewing beef and black pudding from the butcher’s too and while I was at it, a bit of veg from Top Fruits just around the corner.

I sent my payment through and within 20 minutes, my doorbell rang! Despite the torrential deluge this morning, my order was presented with the finest care. And I also got a lovely beaming smile from our friendly rider. Fantastic.

Within an hour, I had tested out the new knives on the fresh veg. Now there is a lovely beef stew bubbling away in the slow cooker ready for our tea tonight. How fantastic!

I think that the idea really is that you do your shopping and then have the service bring it back for you. It saves you lugging it on the bus (or on my non-cargo bike in my case!) I will definitely be considering using it again when I need to get the big heavy stuff like cat litter. My bike always struggles with really big items.

Many thanks to the Wellington Cycle Delivery Scheme and the independent businesses in Wellington. They all provided me with such a great service today. I’m really pleased with my purchases and looking forward to my dinner…

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🐐 Call them on 07398 136 120.

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