The Lost Boys Outdoor Cinema

The Lost Boys is on. Let’s all go.

OK, you probably need a bit more information than that. There are a bunch of excellent films being shown at an outdoor cinema in Attingham Park in October. They have a spooky feel to the line up. You are invited to bring blankets and snacks and enjoy the films in the great outdoors. Perfect for Halloween, let’s hope it doesn’t rain!

There are lots of films on. Why am I focusing on The Lost Boys? Because this 1987 cinematic classic (yes, I knew the year without looking it up) is one of the BEST FILMS EVER. You might say it is the Greatest Of All Time. So it specifically fulfils The Shropshire GOAT remit.

I am a Lost Boys addict

I have been watching and re-watching this film since about the mid-90s. It’s fair to say I love it so much that I was overjoyed to make a friend from Santa Cruz, CA whilst travelling. That was because when we went to visit him, we were visiting Santa Carla – the fictional town where the film is set. Some stuff from the films still remains. Many landmarks (the whale coming out of the shopfront, the comic book store) were destroyed in the earthquake that devastated Santa Cruz in 1989.

But I took a pilgrimage to the trestle bridge that they hang off. Spoiler alert, it’s only about 7 feet above a very shallow river. I went on the carousel at the Boardwalk that all the little vampire lads are mucking about on at the beginning. Spoiler alert, what they don’t show you is that as you go round you are supposed to throw little brass rings in a clown’s mouth. It’s a lot of fun and I think that should have been recorded in the movie. Not very vampirey though.

🐐 Tickets

🐐 7.30pm, 20th October 2022

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