Telford Makerspace

Telford Makerspace is a community-operated group. Following a successful crowdfunding project, they opened their new premises this weekend. Whatever kind of making and tinkering you are into, the Makerspace could be the group for you.

We popped down to the grand opening to see what the deal was since my husband is big into synths. It’s a compact but fantastic space, with both clean and dirty workspaces under development. They have a range of tools and equipment that, as a member, you can use to help you with your own projects. We saw incredible 3D printed models being made, and a (3D printed) replica Iron Man suit being donned. My toddler had a crack at a carefully programmed animal sound game on the computer and played Street Fighter for the first time ever – on an arcade machine. I was so proud.

What else does Telford Makerspace have to offer?

They also have wood and metal working capabilities, lots of electronics skills and a whole host of tools and gizmos and widgets. Yes, you are talking to a complete ignoramus here. But this friendly band of people have a tonne of expertise. They can help you with projects and teach you new skills, and you can lend your own expertise in return. In a society that has been weakened by planned obsolescence, this is a fantastic group leading the charge for reusing, recycling and making your own solutions to any problem you face.

As well as paying a monthly membership fee to have total access to the facilities, they are planning sessions in the future where non-members can come along for a small charge to do a workshop or work on their own projects. I wouldn’t even know where to start, but I absolutely love the fact that it exists. I hope lots of you can get involved!

🐐 2 Park Street, Wellington

🐐 Website

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