The Shropshire Distillery, Ellesmere

The family run Shropshire Distillery have spruced up their Ellesmere premises. They are now open for visitors. I popped in this evening to take a look. The custom built premises houses the Distillery’s regular production. They handpick their botanicals and distil them with their stills, Jean and Anne, bottling and labelling on site.

Now you can get the insider perspective on this wonderful Shropshire product with a distillery tour. Find out how gin is made and the complexity of selecting the best aromatic components to create pristine results. It’s also a great way to get a little insight into the fascinating history of gin, one of the great success stories of modern times.

If you want to get more hands on, you can be a Distiller for the Day at their Gin School. Learn about the process and design your own perfect gin. Distil it on one of the beautiful mini copper stills, then bottle it, name it and take it home.

I really enjoyed taking a sneak preview of the space. The Gin School equipment is out of this world, it will be so much fun to use. There are two bars in the venue, so you can enjoy signature serves there. Everything is precise and well laid out, with a real feeling of flow around the space. It’s industrial, yet contemporary at the same time.

The Shropshire Distillery use only the hearts from the distilling process, which is why their gins have such a smooth taste. It is clear that they have also poured their hearts into making the Distillery a functional space that will provide their guests with an intimate, insightful and delicious view of their fascinating world.

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🐐 Unit 18 & 19, Ellesmere Business Park, SY12 0EW

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