Sabrina Boat Tour

I’ve always thought on of the most iconic things in Shrewsbury, despite all of the beautiful buildings and amazing history, is the Sabrina Boat tour. I’ve watched that little boat trundling up and down the River Severn since I arrived in Shropshire. Indeed, she has been making her tranquil way along the waterside since 2007. Yet this week was the first time I set sail on Sabrina for myself.

Waving at boats

It was a Mamma Mia evening cruise – 2.5 hours of banging choons (Abba and other chart toppers of the period) as we sailed along the calm waters. All was serene around us, for the most part, until we hit the riverside bars. I’ll never get over people waving to and from boats.

“Look we’re on a boat!” *waves* “I see you! You’re on a boat!” *waves back*

Well, if you can’t beat them, join them. So I waved and told people we were on a boat with the rest of them.

Sabrina Boat tour facilities

Sabrina can carry up to 60 passengers and is equipped with a dancefloor and a bar – both strictly necessary as Super Trooper rang out on the night air. It’s truly a wonderful experience whether you are just there for the music or whether you want to enjoy looking at Shrewsbury from a different angle. The staff are warm, attentive and kind. The views are beautiful. The baby geese are adorable – if you’re lucky enough to spot them.

Day trips are offered with commentary of the town’s 1000 year history, or you can join other themed nights and tours, including wine or gin tasting cruises, back to the 90s and even a summer BBQ.

I particularly enjoyed getting the full Shrewsbury experience with a glass of Salopian Brewery’s Shropshire Gold. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Cannot recommend a trip on Sabrina enough. It’s an absolute must whether you are a local resident or a visitor to the area. This truly is the GOAT of boat trips.

🐐 Sails 1st March to 31st October each year, with daily trips on the hour from 11am until 4pm.

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