The Queens Ludlow

Queens Ludlow: I don’t know about you but I love a pub lunch. Sadly, most of my meals out are solo dining these days. Practicality dictates. But I am growing to love it as a little bit of ‘me time’ in an otherwise non-stop schedule. So a trip to Ludlow for a beer tour was a perfect excuse to get in with a bit of time to spare and treat myself to a spot of lunch.

I hadn’t been to the Queens before. Like so much of Ludlow it is a beautiful historic building. High ceilings and big windows make it airy and welcoming. But its nooks and crannies ensure that it is still characterful and quaint.

The Queens Ludlow

The Venue

I managed to get in seconds before the lunchtime rush, so I had a very speedy ordering process, which I appreciated. I don’t think you’ll struggle to linger over a relaxed meal though, because it gets full in there. This was off-season too, but within about 10 minutes of arriving in the empty dining room it was absolutely packed to the rafters. The team are efficient but still wonderfully welcoming and personable despite obviously having a lot to do. The whole business gives the air of being incredibly well run.

I had a pint of Ludlow Brewery Gold, what else? It was nicely kept and kept me company nicely while I waited for my food. In the early onset of autumn, I ordered the slow cooked beef casserole. Hearing other guests place their bets it was clear I was not alone in my choice.

Ludlow Gold

The Order

And what a choice it was. A thick, rich gravy, enveloping generous chunks of meltingly tender beef, rustic pieces of carrot and onion. It was served with a buttery mash and green veg, all beautifully cooked. There was a, frankly unnecessary, off-menu pastry lid placed on the top. I mean, if you give me complimentary flaky pastry I’m gonna eat it, but it was not required. At least it wasn’t billed as a pie. It was in name and in actuality, a stew with a lid.

beef casserole with mashed potato and greens

It was robust and comforting, yet still somehow reasonably refined and elegant. For the price I felt that I was getting exceptional value. My only, teeny, complaint, was that I could just taste the merest hint of fruity sweetness in the gravy, not the red wine component I was hoping for from the menu. But the dish, and the gravy, was far from bland. A flavourful, satisfying dish that left no room for pudding. Definitely worthy of a place on the GOAT. And I’m counting off the months until I can enjoy a sunny Ludlow pint in that big ole beer garden out back.

🐐 113 Lower Galdeford, Ludlow SY8 1RU


I went to the pub of my own volition, paid for my meal in full using money that I earned all by myself and then gave you an honest account of my experience. What you see is what you get.

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