Paso Primero Wine Tasting with Shropshire Salumi

Primero accompanied by Shropshire Salumi. Kinch’s at the back of the butchers and farm shop is the ideal location for small, intimate tasting sessions. In fact, they run them quite regularly so keep an eye on their Facebook page for more.

Paso Primero

We went through three wines in the Paso Primero range, possibly quite predictably their white, rose and red. Although the family who run the business live in Shrewsbury, the wines are grown and made in the Somontano region of Spain. In the foothills of the central Pyrenees, the area has high daytime temperatures and cool nights, leading to bold, fruity wines that have a good balancing acidity.

My favourite wine was definitely the Blanco. Made with Gewurztraminer and Chardonnay grapes, it had an enticing floral aroma and a punchy acidity that cut through the fruit flavours. Young and bold, it is the perfect summer wine. All of the wines we tried were really fruit-forward and vivacious, making them great for enjoying with food or on their own.

Tom Holt was a fantastic advocate for his wines. Gregarious, animated and funny his presentation was as entertaining as it was informative. It was lovely to hear about his family’s journey to become winemakers.

Shropshire Salumi

I have to confess the real highlight of the evening for me was the locally produced salumi. Will Macken is a little more reserved than Tom, but an engaging, delightful speaker nonetheless. His passion for the very best local ingredients and the technical methods of salumi production absolutely shone through. The conversation turned quite quickly to the Slow Food movement and his own honouring of the commitment to making food that is ‘good, clean and fair.’

Will Macken Shropshire Salumi

This dedication comes through without any explanation really required when you taste Will’s cured meats. We had the pleasure of tasting a large selection from his range which really helped to pick out the differences in taste and texture. Some of his recipes include infusions of Paso Primero wine, and also ale from fellow Salopians, Hobsons Brewery.

I think that the fennel and the rosemary & garlic salamis were my favourite. They went wonderfully with the wine (as fat and salt-rich charcuterie is apt to do) but they would have a million and one applications in the kitchen. Will mentioned that a local pizzeria uses them in place of pepperoni and I’m sure that is divine when they get all crispy on top!

Shropshire salumi copa and bresola

The air-dried coppa is also a line that I would urge you to look out for. Sweet and achingly tender, this was a fine example of whole-muscle preservation that really speaks of the pinnacle of the charcutier’s art. It would be lucky to make it to a plate in my house, never mind pairing it with anything.

Great Shropshire Business

A great evening then, for anyone that likes to eat or drink. And a real testament to the team at Anthony’s commitment to supporting the best local producers and delicious Shropshire treats. You missed out this time, but there will be more events coming soon I’m sure!

🐐 Anthony’s Of Wellington Facebook page

🐐 41 Market Street, Wellington, Telford, TF1 1DT

We were invited along to the event and our tickets were complimentary. As ever, despite this, I’m afraid my opinions are all my own work and an honest reflection of my experience. Sorry about that. I liked it.

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