Park Street Kitchen, Wellington

I know, I know, I’ve been writing about Shropshire for a long time, but I haven’t been eating a lot of goat. So I remedied that this week by *finally* stopping by Park Street Kitchen. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about their food from a lot of people, putting it well on my hit list. However, I really lost my tolerance for heat after being pregnant making me a little nervous about heading for Caribbean food.

You see I lived in Leicester for a long time before I came here. They have some genuinely excellent Caribbean food on offer. But boy, is it HOT! I used to adore it – a bit of jerk here, some ackee and saltfish there, maybe some stewed chicken. But then my body just couldn’t take it any more. It’s terrible, right? If you love spicy food I am sure you can imagine what it is to lose that pleasure.

Initially then, I was going to order the fried chicken bowl from Park Street Kitchen and chicken out (ha!) on the heat factor. But I was waiting for a train so time was limited – and the wait on fried chicken was 20 minutes, which I simply didn’t have. They kindly offered me a taste of the curried goat so I can see if it was manageable for me. I could sense it was going to be a creeper, even after that small sample, but I thought what the hey, let’s go for it anyway.

Curried Goat for the GOAT

I was pretty sad that I didn’t have time to eat in. The team in the Wellington Market adjacent restaurant are so friendly and chatty. The space itself is airy yet cosy. I would definitely have enjoyed to make my lunch leisurely, perhaps with a Red Stripe along the way and maybe one of the delicious looking bakes on the counter to wrap things up.

Instead I took my food and ate it off my knee (and a bit on the train) on the way to Shrewsbury. It was epic. The goat, served on the bone, was immensely tender. It just fell apart under the slightest touch of my wooden fork. The gravy it was served in was heavenly – slightly sweet, with layers of spice and a beautiful richness. The rice and peas and steamed veg on the side were the perfect vehicle to temper the aggressiveness of the heat just enough for me – as the PSK oracle had told me it would. I reckon to people with a normal spice tolerance it would be absolutely fine. The creeping hit was about as much as I can take but I loved every minute.

Was my Wellington curried goat the GOAT? Why yes, of course it was. It was an absolute delight and I hope to return soon to try the saltfish bites (provided that they aren’t too hot of course.)

🐐 Park Street Kitchen, 9 Market Street, Wellington, TF1 1DT.

🐐 Head to the ShropshireGOAT Instagram to watch a reel of my visit to PSK.

I visited PSK of my own volition and at my own expense, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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