Visiting Newport, Shropshire

I took my first stroll down Newport High Street yesterday. That is of course Newport Shropshire and not to be confused with the Welsh city. This is a beautiful little market town to while away a couple of hours. As a beer lover, I was struck by the phenomenal number of pubs in the area. It is going to require many, many more visits to work my way around them all and tell you what I think.

We stopped by the Barley on this occasion and I enjoyed a delightfully light and refreshing pint of cask ale from Hereford Brewing. The Barley is a plain-speaking sports pub. It has no frills but is friendly and accessible. They certainly know how to keep their cask properly.

Floral Displays

However, there is a lot more to the town than that. It is a multiple-award winner at the Britain in Bloom awards and the whole area is vibrant with hanging baskets and floral displays. The High Street is crowned by a pretty medieval church make from a deeply coloured sandstone, and just nearby is the ancient Butter Cross.

There are plenty of shops to choose from as you amble through the town. We stopped by the fantastic Hey Judes, an Aladdin’s cave of musical goodies. There was also plenty to choose from in the Indoor Market. I love a spot of charity shop shopping too, and I was spoiled for choice in Newport. I picked up a pair of brand new, lined Next curtains for my new house for ¬£5.50. Every penny counts at the moment, doesn’t it?

St Nicholas Church at Newport Shropshire

For foodies, there is an excellent-looking butchers and some tasty pork pies available in the Indoor Market. I’ve also heard good things about Guner’o, The Last Inn and Jones Fish & Chips, so those are on my list to try soon. Just outside of Newport there is also The Red House, delivering excellent Sunday lunches.

Getting Active

If you fancy doing something a little more energetic, the Shropshire Climbing Centre is easy to find, just off Station Road. There is bouldering for adults and children, including tasters and tuition, parties and kids’ clubs.

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