Look up!

The urban landscape has a lot to offer anyone that takes the time to look up, but perhaps nowhere more than in an architectural gem like Shrewsbury. I was out and about doing a spot of research and planning for the Shrewsbeer beer tours yesterday. While taking in the unexpected break in the torrential rain in the beer garden of Cromwell’s Tap House, I spotted something unexpected.

owl bird scarer in Shrewsbury

A little owl, standing guard over the rooftops. His head was gently bobbing in the wind. I discovered that he was a bird scarer. The intention is to (slightly unsuccessfully it would appear) keep away the pigeons from the roof of the property. I don’t think he is particularly old, or unique. These owl decoys are commercially available. But for some reason, I’ve never come across one before and it made me smile.

I’m new to the area. The owl made me wonder what other delights are hiding in the Shrewsbury skyline, just waiting for me to discover them. Obviously, I’ve already taken my picture of the Grope Lane sign, a delightful little shut that takes you from Fish Street to the High Street. I’m no amateur.

I’ve had a little read around the subject. I’m excited to hear about the mark of the devil’s claw on the spire of St Alkmund’s Church. He left it when lightning struck the spire in the sixteenth century. Apparently, the Lord of Darkness climbs the spire on the regular to check that no one is sitting in his Chair at Stiperstones. Self esteem issues maybe? I think I’ll have to bring my telephoto lens to try and get a good picture of those marks.

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