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We don’t get takeout very often so I am always hopeful it will be the GOAT when we do. This time we put in an order with Grill & Slice in Wellington using the Telford & Newport Eats app.

We opted for the Grilled Family Feast because nobody knew what they wanted! That way there was a little bit of everything. It seems that serving a bunch of food in a pizza box is the popular style in Telford, or so we’ve thought since we got here. It’s always a deceptively large amount of food – our box easily fed three and we’ve got plenty left over for lunch. With the 20% off discount on the app, the whole thing came to just over £16 delivered, which I thought was really good value.

Family Feast

The Grilled Family Feast comes with grilled chicken, lamb shish, kofte, doner meat and shawarma all on a healthy bed of chips. We had all the salad as well and garlic sauce liberally added on the top. The salad was beautifully fresh and crisp – a great counterpoint to all of those rich meats. The box comes with the choice of three pitta breads or a naan. I don’t know who is choosing pitta breads, but you’re doing it wrong. Our naan was a lovely (and huge) pillowy thing just perfect to tear and share. Perspective makes it look quite small in the photo, but it is the size of the whole 12″ pizza box.

We had asked for hot chilli as our second sauce but on the side because the little one doesn’t like too much spicy, but I think that got forgotten. The order also arrived about 20 minutes later than we expected, which pushed bedtime back a bit. I never really understand how takeaways can miss the estimated time when they always give themselves an hour and we are always ordering for the earliest possible delivery time. But I guess that’s one of the first world woes that isn’t really important. Those were my only complaints and in the great scheme of things, I’m not put off from ordering again one day.

Wellington Takeaway

What is important is how tasty the food was. And it was very tasty. I really liked the seasoning on the lamb shish and the grilled chicken in particular. But everything was flavourful and really nicely cooked. Chicken shawarma can so often be dry but this was moist and beautifully seasoned. A really great sharing meal for all the family.

Independent takeaways don’t always get the love they deserve online, overlooked on blogs for the fine dining end of the market. I reckon it’s mainly because the food doesn’t look as pretty in photos. But they get us fed very well for a very reasonable price and so often they are independent family businesses or small local chains. In this area we seem to be blessed with a huge range of really nice Turkish-style grills. Why not take advantage of them?

🐐 113A Watling Street, Wellington, Telford TF1 2NJ

🐐 Click here for the Telford & Newport Eats app

This is a write up of my takeaway. Unsurprisingly, we paid for it with our own money and no-one is giving me any financial incentive at all despite the hot takes in this content.

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