Lunch at the Fallow Field, Telford

Just managed to squeeze in one last lunch for 2023, at the Fallow Field in Telford. It’s a Marston’s pub, but one of the food led ones. As you might expect, it’s very comfortable and welcoming to big groups and families. There’s a little playground out the front, which gets more use in the summer. But our little one managed 5 or 10 minutes on it, even in the rain!

What were we eating?

The menu is your typical pub food, which is of a good quality and a relatively similar price point to all chain restaurants. Expect to pay in the region of about £15 for a main course – the same as you would for a sit down meal anywhere now. The kids’ mains were £6 each which I thought was a pound or so more than I would prefer. But it was a very good meal. Bam Bam opted for sausage and mash and her portion would have done a much older child. She loved having her own jug of gravy to pour over the dish. Both parents were jealous that it came with a little bit of bacon on the side.

The main event for the parents was a cheese and bacon burger and the pie of the day. The burger was very much the best dish on the table. It seems surprisingly easy to get the simple burger terribly wrong, but this was just the right amount of oozy, meaty comfort food. And crisp fries on the side for a little added texture.

I have the steak and ale pie, which I was very happy with when it was brought to the table. A really decent showing of vegetables, which are altogether lacking on most medium priced menus these days. A good dollop of mash, and a nice looking pie. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed with the pie when I came to cut into it. The lid as incredibly thick and incredibly overdone, so it was like carving your way through a 2 x 4 to get to that beefy filling. Once I had rinsed my mouth with gravy, I was able to enjoy the savoury sweetness within. Cooked properly, with a more delicate touch, this would have been a lovely option. So fingers crossed mine had just been left overlong on the pass or something similar.

Britain’s Biggest Cask Ale Brewer

While Marstons pubs and Marstons breweries are separate entities these days, you will only generally find Marstons (or Carlsberg) brands of beer on the bar. We opted for the Hobgoblin Gold as the best of a rather uninspired bunch. This was served in what I have been told are the new Hobgoblets, a rather chunky new style of pint glass. I was a bit worried that the lip at the bottom would hold all of the liquid at the end and slosh it down my front, but it was fine in the end. It reminded me a bit of the wide, squat craft beer glasses that I think were pioneered by Beavertown a fair few years ago.

Hobgoblin Gold in a Hobgoblet

While I’m undecided as to whether the glass made any difference to my drinking enjoyment, it is worth saying that for the MOR nature of the cask ale, the beer is kept in absolutely superb condition. It’s often quite worthwhile having a boring pint if you know it’s going to be a well conditioned pint.

GOAT Material?

While the Fallow Field is not exceptional, it is a solid choice for a family meal. The food is pretty consistent and the service on our last visit was attentive and warm. I like the airy, modern design of the pub and it was particularly homely with all the Christmas decorations up.

It’s got a roomy beer garden, although the proximity to the main road makes it less desirable to sit out there than other places. The venue has lots of parking and electric chargers around the side. It is wheelchair and pushchair accessible and access is level throughout. Certainly worth a look if you’re in the area with time on your hands.

🐐 Hadley Park East, Hadley, Telford, TF1 6AF

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