Electronic Music Open Mic

The electronic music open mic movement started in Manchester in 2017. Since then, nights have sprung up across the UK. You might not realise it, but we have some of our own right here in Shropshire. They are often held in Shrewsbury, but also in other parts of the county too.

The next Shrewsbury event is being held at Albert’s Shed from 1pm-5pm. Head to the Facebook event page for all of the details.

You can expect the unexpected. The events can include all genres of music performed in a variety of ways. Laptops, phones, drum machines and of course synths can be used. But you might also get folk performing sets with DJ decks, groove boxes, sequencers and samplers in their set-up.

The only rule is that there are no acoustic guitars unless they are being “used to generate soundscapes or some other style of music in keeping with these nights.”

So not your traditional open mic session, and not your traditional musicians. Which certainly makes it worth tagging along, if you ask me. (Unless of course, you’ve already got a ticket for tomorrow’s Shrewsbeer beer tour. Then fair enough.)

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