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Dry by Choice Shrewsbury is now open. They have a phenomenal little bottle shop on Wyle Cop that stocks a fantastic range of alcohol free drinks. I’ve been meaning to stop by since I met Mike and Nicola Dalton at Shropshire Oktoberfest. The idea for the business came about after Mike had a health scare which meant he needed to cut out alcohol. Having discovered a whole new world of no and low alcohol alternatives were now available, he decided it was a great time to set up a shop to bring this amazing variety to the good people of Shrewsbury.

There really couldn’t be a better time. The quality of non-alcoholic drinks (and I’m including anything up to 0.5% ABV in here, which can legally be called alcohol free, like orange juice) has shot through the roof in recent years. The alcohol free market in the UK is estimated to reach a value of £450m by 2022. So it’s not going away.

Mike’s adventures in alcohol free were spurred by his health, but there doesn’t have to be a particular reason to enjoy the great tasting beers stocked at Dry. I started drinking no-alcohol products when I was pregnant. I’m not a big fan of soda or too much fruit juice. I wanted something that was dry on the palate (no pun intended). But now I sometimes enjoy an alcohol free beer or two of an evening because I like the taste and honestly the alcohol isn’t necessary.

Alcohol Free Beer for the Masses

I know there will be some sceptics amongst you. “Alcohol free beer, what’s the point?” being the most common gruff response. Well, the main point is that most of us are lucky to have fulfilling lives without the need for alcohol to complete us. But quite apart from that, these drinks taste yummy.

The thing I really like about Dry. is that you can try some brilliant beers on draught. This is still a relative rarity in most places. Yesterday I had Northern Monk’s Holy Faith 0.5% hazy pale that was an absolute triumph. Really interesting hop profile for those who like something a bit fruity, a bit juicy, but also with a slight bitterness and resinous edge. It also has much more body than I have come to expect from AF beers. The missing piece of the puzzle perhaps. Dry. are putting on Sleight of Hand from Tempest Brewing. I admit to being a little sad not to have the chance to try that sour pale while I was there.

So pop your head around the door and try something. I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised. As well as alcohol free beers, expect spirits, wines and also some locally sourced nibbles to accompany them. A great addition to your Christmas fridge when you’re driving. Or whenever you just want to take it a bit easy without compromising on flavour.

🐐 64 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury

🐐 Website

I was given a free sample to taste, but you might be too if you’re nice to Mike. My opinions are, sadly, my own regardless.

Own horn toot: This post was written by the recent recipient of the award for Best Communication about Low and No Alcohol Beers & Ciders. Read all about it.

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