Donnington Bonfire 2023

We headed out for the Donnington Bonfire last night and what a night it was. Admittedly the timings were changed at the last minute. You had to be on their Facebook page to know that the first fireworks were due at 7pm, not 6.30pm for example. But luckily I am, so I did know. These timing changes made life awkward for us with a little one. The bonfire wasn’t due to be lit until 8pm, and that far beyond bedtime we sadly couldn’t hang around for it for 45 minutes after the fireworks. A 7.30pm start for the bonfire would have been better – or better still, why isn’t it lit at about 6pm, so people get the chance to enjoy it for a few hours – even the youngest visitors? It’s not up to me though I suppose.

All the fun of the fair

It’s quite a jovial family atmosphere down in Donnington. We saw groups and families of all ages enjoying the spectacle. It’s really quite a set up, with a sizeable fairground for you to enjoy from the doors opening at 4pm. There are plenty of food and sweet stalls on hand if you get a little peckish. No bar though, at least that we spotted, but that’s not the end of the world. No alcohol can be brought on site either, quite sensibly. There were bag searches in force at the gate, which was good to see with Martyn’s Law coming into force for events like these in the not-to-distant future.

Fairground rides were around £3 to £5 each. Cash only, so you needed to make sure you had your pennies. Our little one went on the mini aeroplanes and a lovely traditional carousel, both of which were heartily enjoyed. Obviously, she wanted to go on everything, but that would mount up in cost pretty quickly.

The fireworks were very enjoyable. On a par with those at Wellington Cricket Club I would say. Although we only saw the first show. No doubt the second, at 8.45pm would have been a bit bigger. We peered over the trees and caught some of the largest fireworks from home. At £3 each admission, free for those under 1m tall, this was a really good value event.

I’m looking forward to us being able to stay for longer in coming years when our little one gets a slightly later bedtime!

This lovely local event has been going on for nearly half a century and must have attracted at least a thousand people I would guess. Car parking was available on site at £5.

🐐 Broadoaks Playing Field

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