The Corner House, Ludlow

There are few greater pleasures in life than ambling through Ludlow on a sun drenched morning with time on your hands. Last week, despite the train strikes, I managed to get to the historic town an hour earlier than necessary before judging began at the SIBA regional beer competition at the Ludlow Spring Festival.

Given that there was time to waste, and it happened to be my birthday, I decided to take myself for breakfast. I fancied something a bit different from your common or garden Full English. And, since it was a beautiful sunlit morning, I quite fancied sitting outside. I wandered lazily through the winding streets, dodging tourists with noses buried in maps, and perused the menus of the places I passed. The Corner House caught my eye. It has cute bistro seating outside and the card in the window held delicious promises.

Inside the Corner House Ludlow

Upon entering, I was surprised to find the small cafe entirely empty. “Quiet today!” I remarked to the woman behind the counter, who was busy keeping the counter in good order, ready for lunchtime. Apparently, Thursdays are always quiet in town, which I did not know. Answers on a postcard as to why – the market was on… Anyway, I placed my order and shot the breeze with the amiable young team member for a few minutes before taking my clattering metal seat on the irregular stone paving outside.

Inside, the Corner House is full of warm wood and fairy lights accenting clean white walls. The perfect country bistro feel. Outside, it is a people watching paradise, just tucked off the main drag so passersby don’t feel intrusive as you sit. It was also, conveniently, benefitting from the morning shade. Just as well as I burn in a matter of seconds and I hadn’t brought any sun cream.

After a short wait, about the time it takes to make scrambled eggs, my dish was delivered. I was about to judge many, many beers so I just had simple water with my lazy brunch. My pick was smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Not the most exotic I know, but equally not something I indulge in regularly. It really was a bit of a treat.

My eats

Hot buttered triangles of seeded wholemeal toast sat besides a gentle tumble of creamy scrambled eggs. They were soft and yielding – just the way I like them – and nicely seasoned although I added more black pepper because, well, you would, wouldn’t you? The generous serve of smoked salmon was folded and rolled on the side, the overall palette perked up with a scatter of pea shoots which actually added a surprising amount of freshness as you ate.

The Corner House Ludlow

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Fresh ingredients and nicely prepared, I can have no complaints about the dish whatsoever. I loved the convivial service and the great location. And if that doesn’t make a GOAT, tell me what they can do better. It certainly made me feel better about accidentally signing up for judging on my birthday.

🐐 The Corner House, 2 Old Street, Ludlow, SY8 1NP

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