Coach and Horses Shrewsbury

The Coach and Horses Shrewsbury reopened this week after a 6 month hiatus. Under new ownership, the pub is now run by the same folk who have La Mer Rouge, just down the road on Mardol. Now, I didn’t visit it before, so I have nothing to compare it too. But my initial impressions were very good.

The new team are finding their feet – it has literally been open a few days at the time of writing – but the service was still excellent. Attentive, warm – just what you want from a cosy, yet sizeable, pub of this nature. Dark wood and historic features prevail throughout giving a cosy feel to the lounge, bar and restaurant areas.

Sunday Lunch

It was a Sunday visit, so of course I ordered the carvery. This seems to be a much-loved feature from the old regime that has been retained. To be fair, it was a plated lunch and I got a ticket in case I wanted seconds. The carvery self-service will be introduced later. And I didn’t need seconds. I was on a tight timeline, as the first Shrewsbeer tour took place on the same afternoon, but the meal I was given was more than ample to fill my gluttonous appetite. I definitely would have squeezed more down if I’d had the time though. Because I’m a glutton.

Sunday lunch at the Coach and Horses in Shrewsbury

I went for beef, which was two thick slices of beautifully tender topside, I think. These vast slabs of meat sat atop a gaggle of goodies. Roast potatoes with thick crispy exteriors and fluffy centres, that soaked up the flavourful gravy. Carrots, broccoli, braised cabbage made an appearance for the veg contingent. A homemade Yorkshire and stuffing ball were much appreciated by my hungry tummy. And finally, the cauliflower cheese sat with a browned top. Sadly this was the only element that didn’t quite hit the mark for me. It was fractionally undercooked and I would have liked a little more cheesy sauce. But this is honestly nitpicking. A hearty portion of a good quality, well cooked and satisfying Sunday lunch.

I paired it with a half of Salopian‘s Day of Days (a seasonal special so get it while you can). It was good to hear that they will have Oracle and Three Tuns on as permanent cask lines, with a series of local guest ales also making an appearance. This is a super little pub and I look forward to returning to sample more of its delights.

The Lowdown

The carvery comes in at £20, with add-on options for starters and mains, so it’s probably at the top end for what you would expect in this sort of environment, but I was happy to pay it. I paid for my meal in full and this is an honest reflection of my experience.

🐐 Swan Hill, Shrewsbury, SY1 1NF

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