Anthony’s of Wellington Butchers, Farm Shop & Bistro

Well, it’s taken me a long time (2 months) but I finally made it to Anthony’s of Wellington for lunch. I should probably say I had lunch at Kinch’s Bistro, which is tucked away at the back of the butchers. But I had a good old browse while I was there.

Anthony’s has only been open for 18 months, but it’s a real focal point for Shropshire food lovers. Anthony has made a huge investment into the site, making it much bigger than the previous Ken Francis Butchers. As well as the excellent standard of meat you’d expect (including venison from Buildwas in season now folks) there is a huge range of fantastic foodie sensations from the local area.

Enjoy Shropshire salumi, Bruckshaw’s potatoes, Russell’s Pies and more. The real highlight for me (obviously) is the huge selection of locally produced drinks – beers, spirits, ciders and wines. It easily stands out as one of the best bottle shops in town.

Anthony’s of Wellington DIY

As well as sourcing delicious food, they aren’t shy about making their own tasty treats. Expect sausage rolls and scotch eggs made on the premises. Now I love a good scotch egg, so that is on my list for my next visit. They also make their own cold cuts as well as working with local charcutiers.

Kinch’s Bistro

And if that’s making you feel hungry (or thirsty) then strap in. At the back of the farm shop is a gorgeous little restaurant. It’s peaceful and cosy, with a simple menu bolstered by produce from the butcher’s counter and the farm shop.

We selected a couple of bottles of West Midland lovelies Green Duck Beer to enjoy with our food. A wider range of bottles in the fridge for these purposes please chaps! After a short wait, our Wrekin Giant breakfast and Eggs Benedict were presented. Homely, well-cooked food. And the quality of the ingredients speaks for itself. It’s a wonderful place.

Everyone bangs on about hidden gems all the time. Well here’s another one writ large on the t’interwebs. Love this shop, love the butchers, love the bistro.

🐐 41 Market Street, Wellington. Follow them on Facebook.

🐐 Don’t miss a tasting session from Henstone Distillery on the afternoon Friday 21st October 2022 – free drop in.

This post was written of my own free will, using my own free range opinions. We paid for lunch in full, with all the change we have collected from down the back of the sofa, plus the money from my paper round.

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  1. Completely agree! – Anthony’s Farm shop is brilliant with high quality foods and an interesting selection of local real ales, do try the Noble Craft beers from Market Drayton. The staff are really helpful and they will arrange delivery off needed.

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